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Adidas Superstar: low-cut shelltoe basketball sneaker (1969)

The Adidas Superstar is a basketball (b-ball) sneaker that was released in 1969, and was popular throughout the 1970's with professional and amateur basketball players. The Adidas Superstar is now part of the heritage 'Originals' range of Adidas products, and is one of their most iconic sneakers. The Adidas Superstar is traditionally released in a coated leather upper (dyed in white and core black), a breathable mesh inner lining, and a rubber cupsole.

The Adidas Superstar features rubber "shell" toe padding; ideal for basketball players who place extra strain on that part of a sneaker. The Superstar was popular with a wide range of NBA basketball players in the 1970's: such as Jerry West and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. However, by the 1980's, other basketball sneakers - such as the Nike Air and Reebok Pump - had challenged the popularity and technology of the Adidas Superstar.

The Adidas Superstar was popularised in the 1980's by hiphop groups; most notable RUN DMC: who immortalised the sneaker in their 'My Adidas' song. Present day, the Adidas Superstar is no longer used on NBA basketball courts, and is just a 'retro' sneaker that is used for casual wear. The Adidas Superstar comes in mens, ladies, kids and unisex versions. Hiphop/R&B stars Pharrell Williams and Rita Ora have endorsed the Superstar sneaker; furthering the links between the Superstar sneaker and the music genre.

In 2015, Adidas released a video, named 'Superstar: Is not what you think it is', that stars Rita Ora, David Beckham, Pharrell Williams, and Damian Lillard.

A vintage pair of superstar baskertball sneakers, probably dating from the early 1970's. Vintage Superstar's

A modern version of superstar shoes in the classic navy blue and white leather. Modern Superstar's

Highlights the enlarged tongue of the superstar II, with the trefoil logo printed upon it Run DMC x version of the Superstar II (enlarged tongue of the II)

The Adidas Superstar has been released in a variety of different versions; such as the: Superstar (Original), Superstar I, Superstar II, and Superstar II LTO. The difference between the versions is minimal, and at a casual glance they will look identical. The original Superstar did not include a trefoil logo but had "Adidas Superstar" printed in gold lettering at the end of the three stripes. The Superstar I included the trefoil logo on the heel patch, but the gold "Adidas Superstar" lettering was removed. The Superstar II had the same design as the Superstar I, but included a larger tongue.

In 2004, the Adidas Superstar received a 35 Year Anniversary Series, that included thirty five shoes in the following categories: Anniversary Series; Cities Series; Consortium series; Expression series; and Music Series. The Superstar has also been released in a vast array of colourways and prints; such as: Foundation, Run DMC x, East River Rivalry, NBA edition, Supercolor, Camo 15, 80's Rita Ora, Up, Waxy Fur, Farm Print, St Nomad Orange, and Collegiate Burgundy.