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Adidas Supercolor: single colour sneakers - fully tonal sole unit and upper

The Adidas Supercolor is single colour sneaker that is part of the Adidas Originals (heritage) range of sneakers; the sneaker is sometimes referred to as the Adidas Superstar Supercolor. The Adidas Supercolor has the same design as the Adidas Superstar sneaker; the difference between the two sneakers is that the Superstar uses a range of colours in it's colourway, whereas the Supercolor uses a single colour. The Supercolar is a fully tonal sneaker: meaning that the upper, midsole and outersole are all dyed in one tonal colour.

Showing how the supercolor is basically a superstar sneaker, but a different colour scheme. Adidas, official advertising picture for the supercolour.

The images above show the Superstar (left) and the Supercolor (right); as the images clearly show, they are the same sneaker, but with a different colour scheme. The image on the right is the official picture of the Supercolor (released by Adidas) and Adidas clearly display - with multi-coloured lines on top of superstar text - that the Supercolor is a modified pair of Superstar sneakers. The Supercolor sneaker fearures: a cup toe; the upper is made from leather; the inner material is textile; laces for fastening; and the heal type is flat.

The Adidas Supercolor is currently being promoted by Pharrell Williams; an R&B musician who wrote and performed the songs: Happy, Blurred Lines and Come Get It Bae. The Supercolor is currently released in 50 colours - referred to as colourways - and Adidas market the shoe with the slogan: "50 colours, 50 choices". Some of the colours the Supercolor has been released in are: Lab Green; Ray Purple; Bold Blue; Magenta; Clear Sky Blue; Urban Peak; Pink; Bright Orange; Night Navy; Flash Purple; St Nomad Orange; Night Red; Sand Yellow; and Semi Solar Pink.

The Adidas Supercolor was released in 2014, and is priced in the region of £70. The Supercolor is available for men and women; by standard men's sizes range from 8-13, and women's sizes range from 7.5-13. One of the unique features of the Supercolor are it's laces: the lace tips have prints saying "TIGHTEN UP" and "LACE YOURSELF".