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Adidas Super Samba: extra large tongue and toe guard

The Adidas Super Samba is a modified version of the Adidas Samba - a football training shoe released in the 1950's - and is iconic for it's extra large toe 'bumper' guard and tongue.

The super samba, a football training shoe with an extra large toe bumper guard. The super samba, with a super large tongue that helps aid in the striking of a football in training sessions indoors and outdoors.

The Adidas Super Samba has not been released in a wide range of colourways: there is presently a black leather, white leather and navy suede version of the shoe. Just as with the standard Adidas Samba, the Super Samba is classified as a football training shoe by Adidas; while it still functions in this 'role', there are superior modern Adidas training shoes, and the Super Samba is now viewed as a casual / fashion wear product. The Super Samba is suitable for indoor surfaces and astro turf; it was originally designed for frozen / icy football pitches. The larger tongue on the Super Samba helps for striking volley shots etc, and is similar to a football boot tongue. The larger toe guard helps to protect a players toe's from being 'stubbed' on indoor hard surfaces, and increases the durability of the shoe; the first part of a training shoe that usually falls apart is the section where the upper and outersole are stitched around the toe's. The Super Samba, like the Samba, is a fairly basic shoe: with a solid durable leather/suede upper, and a hard wearing gum rubber outersole. The Super Samba is based on the Samba, a shoe dating back to the 1950's, so we cannot expect it to feature a modern cushioning system, nor modern lightweight 'breathable' fabrics.