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Q: Adidas Subsidiaries: companies owned by the Adidas Group AG

A A subsidiary is a company whose voting stock is controlled - over 50% owned - by another company. The company who owns the voting stock of another company is referred to as a:

  1. Parent company
  2. Holding company

The Adidas Group AG is headquartered in Herzogenaurach (Bavaria, Germany) and owns, or has owned, over 50% of the voting stock of the following companies. These companies, therefore, are current or former subsidiaries of Adidas Group AG.


  1. adidas South Africa Pty Ltd.


  1. adidas Hong Kong Asia/Pacific Ltd.
  2. adidas Australia Pty Ltd.
  3. adidas Japan K.K.
  4. adidas Hong Kong Ltd.
  5. adidas New Zealand Pty Ltd.
  6. adidas Singapore Pte Ltd.
  7. adidas Thailand Co. Ltd.

Central America

  1. adidas de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
  2. adidas Panama Latin America S.A.


  1. adidas Sarragan France S.a.r.l.
  2. adidas Spain SA
  3. adidas Portugal Lda
  4. adidas Switzerland Sport GmbH
  5. adidas Austria AG
  6. adidas Benelux B.V.
  7. adidas Belgium N.V.
  8. adidas Budapest Kft.
  9. adidas Norge A/S
  10. adidas (Ireland) Ltd.
  11. adidas Poland
  12. adidas Ltd. (Russia)
  13. adidas Sverige AB
  14. adidas United Kingdom Ltd.
  15. Erima Sportbekleidungs GmbH
  16. GEV Gru ndstücksgesellschaft Herzogenaurach mbH & Co. KG
  17. Salomon SA
  18. Salomon GmbH

North America

  1. adidas America Inc.
  2. adidas-Salomon North America Inc.
  3. adidas-Salomon USA, Inc.
  4. Taylor Made Golf USA
  5. adidas (Canada) Ltd

South America

  1. adidas do Brasil Ltda.
  2. adidas Corporation de Venezuela, S.A.