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Adidas Steffi Graf: tennis shoe released in the late 1980s

The Adidas Steffi Graf is a tennis shoe, released in the late 1980s, that was endorsed and named after the No.1 ranked female single's tennis players Steffi Graf. Stefanie Maria "Steffi" Graf is a German who is regarded as one of the greatest female players, and is one half of tennis' golden couples: having been married to Andre Agassi since the year 2001. They currently reside in Summerlin, a community that is located in the Las Vegas Valley.

Showing the Steffi Graf shoe, designed by Adidas in a white, pink and green colourway. Example of the Graf shoe, designed for tennis, that is advertised for sale on the Internet.

While Graf was a great tennis player, her shoe is less well known, and is only periodically re-issued by Adidas. The shoe was released in an era not generally recognised as a good one (for iconic shoe design) for Adidas. The shoe is somewhat bulky in appearance, due to the extensive midsole and heel cushioning, which does not lend itself to a popular modern day casual / fashion wear shoe; unlike the Adidas Stan Smith which was designed a decade early, when large midsole cushioning and bulky shoes were unheard of. Due to the scarcity of the Adidas Steffi Graf, there are not many good hi-res pictures of the shoes; as the pictures above show, the standard colourway for the shoe was: white leather, pink leather stripes, and green colouring on the outersole and inner lining.