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Q: Adidas Standard 19: functional exercise clothing

A The Adidas Standard 19 collection is a range of training / exercise clothing that are ideal for jogging, athletics and sports participation. Adidas state that Standard 19 pieces are designed to meet the Adidas standard of: functionality, quality, durability, weight, aesthetics and fit.

Standard 19 tights, designed by Adidas for women who jog and run to keep fit.

Adidas have designed the Standard 19 collection to be used in urban and rural settings; whether going to the gym, jogging in the city park, or cross-country running. Standard 19 appears, however, to be marketed at urban exercising: Adidas stated that Standard 19 are "staple pieces for the modern urban athlete". Many Standard 19 pieces are made from sustainable materials; typically recycled polyester, elastane and nylon. The Standard 19 collection is far from extensive: at present it only include clothing, and the following pieces: tights, pants, sweatshirt, t-shirt and a tank top. Standard 19 pieces are fairly expensive - ranging from £40-£80 - this is probably due to them including fabrics like climalite® and climachill™.