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Q: Adidas Springblade Solyce: running shoe with full-length springblade midsole

A The Springblade Solyce is a cutting edge running shoe - currently costs £130 - that features an iconic trademarked full length springblade midsole.

Springblade running shoe with a red and pink upper texture. Black rear with an adidas performance logo The outersole of the solyce, which shows the rubber grips on the bottom of the springblade cushioning.

As the pictures above show, the standout feature of the Springblade Solyce is the midsole cushioning system: it comprises six "spring blades" that harness and provide/release energy for each running stride. On the underside of the springblades is a 'grippy' rubber outsole; while the above shoe features a black rubber outsole, you can buy the Adidas Springblade Solyce with a coloured rubber outsole. The springblade on the heel section of the shoe features an air bubble to provide additional support: due to the extra pressure that is placed on the heel when the foot lands after each running stride.

The springblades of the Adidas Springblade Solyce help to keep the amount of materials in the shoe to an absolute minimum; ensuring that the shoe is super lightweight. The Adidas Springblade Solyce weighs less than most other Adidas running shoes: a size 8.5 (UK) Adidas Springblade Solyce weighs 271 g, whereas a size 8.5 (UK) Adidas Energy Boost 3 weighs 310 g. Apart from the springblade cushioning system, the Adidas Springblade Solyce features no other Adidas running technologies: the only other aspect of the shoe is a simple lightweight textile and synthetic upper, with some added synthetic overlays (black heel section show in the above images) for additional structural support.