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Sock-like construction trainers (adidas)

Adidas describe the design and 'fit' of some of their modern shoes as 'sock-like', one of these shoes is shown below: the Adidas Tubular Radial. The pictures highlight that the upper of the shoe is similar to a sock due to the snugness of the fit, the texture (softness) of the material, and there being no need to 'break in' the shoe; which is sometimes required with trainers that feature a full grain leather upper.

Sock-like construction shoe in dark blue, with white outsole. Sock-like construction on the upper of the trainer, showing the stitching on the toe section.

However, just as with heritage Adidas running shoes that featured nylon fabric - that lowered the weight and increased performance - Adidas trainers that feature a 'sock like' construction require suede overlays to improve durability, retain the shape of the shoe and provide stability. Sock-like trainers have a dual purpose: they are ideal for jogging, running and the gym, but the comfort they provide also makes them ideal for casual wear.