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Snoop Dogg to collaborate with Adidas on a new shoe

Snoop Dogg has announced he will renew his product partnership with sportswear firm Adidas, and will design a new skate shoe and apparel line. He said the shoe and apparel line will be inspired by the city of Los Angeles - Snoop Dogg is a famous 'West Coast' rapper - and is titled the "L.A. Stories" product line. The products will be available from the 5th of December, 2016, and will be available at the official Adidas webstore.

Snoop Dogg, famous for songs like gin and juice, performing at a concert, looking bling bling.

Speaking upon his own versatility and why he makes such a good partner for Adidas to collaborate with, Snoop Dogg explained: "In some kind of way, I’m (Snoop Doog) all over the place, meaning that if they (Adidas) do a deal with a basketball player they have to do a basketball shoe, and when his basketball season is over with, his shoe ain’t good no more, but when they do a deal with Snoop Dogg, they can make a football , a skate shoe, or a shoe for running, or a shoe for everyday play - any genre or topic Snoop Dogg can make a shoe that’s connected to it."