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Adidas: retention on Snapchat social media "insane"

Snapchat is a multimedia and image messaging mobile application, the core function of the app is "snaps": snaps are short multimedia messages. Adidas' content on Snapchat is created We Are Social (; they are responsible for creating the Adidas BETHEDIFFERENCE campaign. Adidas' social media content features celebrities - sometimes referred to as "influencers" - who promote the brand, such as: David Beckham, Stormzy, Paul Pogba and Pharrell Williams. Dan Moseley (, account manager for Adidas at We Are Social, has commented that retenetion on Snapchat is "insane" when compared to other platforms like Youtube; ie, wildly beyond their expectations. Retention refers to users who watch video content from the beginning to the end. Dan Moseley, when speaking at Social Media Week London, said that Snapchat retention is 80 to 90% higher than on Youtube. Chris Watt, manager of social media at Adidas, who also attended the Social Media Week London, commented that: “We are really proud of what we have done on Adidas Football and Adidas Originals, in terms of the social media accounts being effective on their platforms.”