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Adidas Santiossage: uni-sex sandal with massage nubs

The Adidas Santiossage is a unisex sandal that features a velcro strap, and the Adidas performance logo is positioned prominently upon the strap and heel button; shown below:

The velcro strap with the performance logo positioned in the centre. The massage nubs which help to relax the foot after a heavy fitness workout. The Santiossage heel hub logo, where the ball of the foot is placed and aims to provide cushioning.

The Santiossage is a modern Adidas sandal that is designed for athletes and sports people: who need a sandal to relax their feet in the locker room after a heavy workout. The TPR footbed of the Santiossage features massage nubs to relax the foot, and is manufactured using synthetic materials: making it ideal for swimming pool and locker room wear. The massage nubs are 'clear' in colour, and are designed in a lightweight synthetic material. The strap is adjustable and incorporates velcro. The Santiossage has an injected EVA outsole for cushioning and comfort; this cushioning system is not incorporated into older Adidas sandals. The non-absorbent EVA outsole and bandage uses a quick drying lining: so that it is suitable for wet surfaces.

The Adilette was the first Adidas sandal, and was released in 1972. The Adiletter is still for sale as part of the 'Originals' product line, and is mostly purchased for casual wear. The Santiossage sandal is part of the performance product line; while it is still sold for casual wear, it is mostly marketed for athletic and sporting use. The Santiossage is, by standard, manufactured in a dark navy blue colourway, with white colouring for the performance logo and three stripes. The Santiossage is also sold in a black, green and red colourway. The Santiossage is a versatile and durable sandal, and it provides Adidas' ultimate design for durability and comfort.