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SOCKFIT upper: supportive fit for Adidas shoes

SOCKFIT is a term Adidas use to describe the design of the 'upper' of some of the their running shoes.

The Pure Boost running shoe, that includes sockfit, an upper that hugs the foot and makes for a more comfortable shoe. Close up of sockfit, which snuggly fits the foot like a sock.

The 'upper' section of a shoe is the section that surrounds the foot and is above the midsole of the shoe. The traditional material used for an upper is leather; Adidas has also used canvas, nubuck and suede. The drawback to these traditional materials is their weight, breathability, fit, and 'bed in' timeframe. Therefore, in modern Adidas shoes - like the Pure Boost ZG - Adidas has begun to use a new 'upper' technology, named: SOCKFIT. As the name suggests, it's designed to fit snugly around the foot; just like a sock. The difference between SOCKFIT and a sock is that SOCKFIT has a more stable and thicker construction; ensuring the shoe is durable and does not fall apart like a sock naturally does. The outer layer of SOCKFIT has a web like construction that ensures it's stability and protects the foot from gentle impacts.