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Adidas SL 72: running shoe released for the Munich Olympic Games

The Adidas SL 72 is a running shoe, designed for use in a range of running pursuits, and was released to coincide with the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. The Adidas SL 72 was the forerunner to 'cross country' running shoes, and was primarily used in middle and long distance running events, rather than for short distance sprinting. The SL 72 was used by athletes who reached the medal podium at the Munich Games. The Munich games motto was "the cheerful Games", but sadly, the games were overshadowed by a terrorist attack upon the Isreali Olympic team.

SL 75 running shoe that is in a black and yellow colourway SL-75, canvas running shoe, that has suede cverlays. Outersole of the SL-75 running shoe, used for all round running events.

The Adidas SL 72 is a lightweight running shoe, and it's upper is made from nylon with suede overlays. The inner lining of the SL 72 is made from a non-slip textile and synthetic material. The shoe receives cushioning from an EVA midsole, and comfort from a foam sock liner. The outersole of the shoe has a patterned design for grip, and the front of the shoe has a rubber toe bumper to protect the toes from scuffs and bumps.

The Adidas SL 72 evolved to become the 'SL Street' in the 1980's; a running shoe that remained true to the design of the SL 72, but with some minor modifications to improve cushioning. The Adidas SL 72 is now part of Adidas' Originals range of shoes; the shoe is mostly sold for casualwear, as it's cushioning and arch support cannot compete with modern running shoes. The SL 72 is currently for sale: it's priced between £40-£60, and comes in the following colourways: Blue / Grey / Cream; Blue / Legacy Blue / Slate; Blue / White Satellite / Poppy; Blue / Core Black / Semi Solar Yellow; Dark Purple / Clear Brown / St Tropic Bloom; and Bold Aqua / Surf Red.