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Q: Questra Europa: the 'Euro 96' matchball used in England?

A It has been asked which Adidas matchball was used during Euro 96 - the 1996 UEFA European Football Championship - and it was the Questra Europa. The Questra Europa was a modified version of the Adidas Questra football (shown below); the modification was a coloured mural. The Questra Europa was the first matchball used at a European Championship that was coloured; it was blue/red and was a modified version of the England badge.

Questra Europa was used during Euro 96, the European Championship held in the summer months in England. - Questra The mural of the Questra Europa. - Questra Europa Mural

The Adidas Questra evolved over time - early to mid 1990's - to feature lighter materials that made the ball softer to kick. This made the ball move faster and aided a faster paced match and more long distance goals. The Questra also pioneered the use of a polystyrene foam insert - underneath the covering - to improve water resistance. While the Adidas Questra looked similar to earlier Adidas championship matchballs - like the Tango - it did evolve the technology of matchballs and all subsequent Adidas matchballs used at the FIFA World Cup and Euro's would feature coloured designs/patterns/murals.