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Do Adidas make Quartz watches?

Yes they do; highlighted in the image positioned directly below, that shows three different versions of an Adidas Quartz watch. Adidas make Quartz watches for both men and women, and they are fairly inexpensive: priced in the region of £40-60. Like with most Quartz digital watches, Adidas tend to use plastics and silicone in the construction of their watch cases and wristband. These materials are cheap, lightweight and durable; ideal for mass produced sportswear apparel.

Adidas Women's Quartz Watch with Multicolour Dial Analogue Display and Blue Silicone Bracelet, and Adidas Unisex Quartz Watch with Black Dial Digital Display and Black Plastic Bracelet.

For those of you who are wondering what exactly a Quartz watch is: it is a wristwatch that uses a Quartz crystal to regulate an electronic oscillator to keep time. It is generally accepted that the technique of using a Quartz crystal - a common mineral used in the making of jewelry - to keep time is more accurate than using a mechanical clock. The first Quartz clock was invented in the 1920's, but it was only by the 1980's - think Casio and Pulsar digital watches - that digital electronics that advanced to the point that it was compact enough to encase a Quartz digital mechanism in a wristwatch.