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Q: Adidas returns: Quality Assurance Department

A When a product is returned to Adidas for a refund - this is specifically in relation to online orders placed in the UK and Europe - the product is examined by the 'Quality Assurance Department' before a refund is issued. The Quality Assurance Department will examine two types of returns:

  1. Products returned because they do not fit correctly, wrong colour etc.
  2. Products returned because they are damaged or defective.

Adidas currently have a “Voluntary Return Guarantee” that allows online customers to return a product within 100 days if they are not satisfied with it. However, the returned product must have it's: original packaging, original label, and not be used / damaged beyond a normal inspection (ie, worn to see if it fits correctly, not worn in general use).

Secondly, sometimes, though rarely, Adidas will ship products that have a manufacturing fault; in this scenario a customer can return the product for a full refund. However, the Quality Assurance Department will check that the product has not been damaged due to misuse or negligence. Customised products will also be issued with a full refund if they have a manufacturing fault; customised products will not be issued with a refund for any other reason.

Online orders (UK) are currently returned to the following address: CDC Rieste, Hildesheimer Strasse 4-10, 49597 Rieste, Germany. This is the address of the Adidas warehouse that ships online orders in Europe; it is probably the location of the Adidas Quality Assurance Department.