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Q: Does the ACE Purecontrol football boot have laces?

ANo it does not. The ACE Purecontrol has a laceless upper design that attempts to mold itself to the foot of the footballer, and it's aim is to become like a second skin. Adidas believe the boot gives superior 'feel' and 'control' as there are no laces between the foot and the ball. Mesut Ozil, German international and Arsenal midfielder, promotes and wears the Purecontrol football boot and has had this to say about the boot: “When it comes to a football boot built to pull the gameplay, there's nothing better for my playmaking than the ACE. The level of touch and feel on the ball is incredible – it's so natural and responsive to play in, I've got confidence behind every pass I make”. Some versions of the ACE Purecontrol also include the Techfit technology: Techfit provides lateral support that increases stability by anchoring the foot when striking the football. Alongside Techfit, the Purecontrol usually includes Primeknit: a texture that fits to the contours of any foot and makes it possible for the Purecontrol to be a laceless football boot.