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Adidas Pro Shell: shelltoe sneaker with a velcro strap (1984)

The Adidas Pro Shell is a low-cut basketball sneaker, featuring a shelltoe and velcro strap, that was released in 1984. The Pro Shell was the third Adidas basketball sneaker to feature a shelltoe; the previous two being the Pro Model and Superstar. The Adidas Pro Shell has a similar design to the Pro Model and Superstar, but the three stripes are shorter, and the shoe has the addition of a velcro ankle strap.

The proshell in a white and burgundy colourway. The rear trefoil patch of the proshell. The outersole of the shoe, which is flat and grooved to provide grip on flat hard surfaces.

The upper of the Adidas Pro Shell is made from soft suede; giving the shoe the appearance of being in cream/chalk instead of white. The suede upper is perforated between the three stripes: these hole attempt to cool the foot and lower sweat. The outersole of the Pro Shell is flat, made from rubber, and has shallow grooves that provide grip on hard indoor surfaces. The shelltoe provides additional cushioning and protects the toes from impacts and continual pressure from jumps and landings. The shoe is fastened by a combination of laces and a velcro strap; the velcro strap is placed above the tongue and tightens the shoe around the ankle.

The Adidas Pro Model is now a part of the Originals collection; the velcro strap was not a popular feature with professional basketball player: making the shoe cumbersome. The Pro Shell is traditionally released in white/cream, and the 3-stripes / trefoil logo on the heel, are coloured black or burgundy. The Pro Shell is not currently for sale directly from Adidas: Adidas release the Pro Shell periodically, as they do not believe interest in the shoe is high enough to warrant manufacturing it on a continual basis.