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Q: Adidas Powerlift 2: weightlifting shoe

A The Adidas Powerlift 2 (2.0) is a weightlifting shoe that features a high density die-cut midsole - a wedge that extends from the middle of the foot to below the heel - that provides stability to handle extreme downwards pressure. The die-cut midsole is an essential aspect of the shoe and enables it to be used in competitive weightlifting; according to Adidas. Therefore, the Powerlift 2.0 is an entirely functional shoe, but, it's die-cut midsole does not make it an ideal candidate for casualwear.

Powerlift 2 shoe, in a purple, black and orange/red colourway, with a strap in dark red and a black edge. Displaying the strap of the powerlift shoe, which is designed for weight lifting and is used in the gym and at events like the Olympic Games.

As you can tell from the picture shown directly above, the Powerlift 2 has a flat outersole: that enables the shoe to provide the maximum surface area to spread downward pressures when weightlifting. If the outersole was not entirely flat it would provide pressure / breaking points within the midsole; which could potentially lead to injury. The upper of the Powerlift 2 is a synthetic leather, ensuring that the structural integrity of the shoe retains strength. The shoe does feature a mesh 'collar' to provide 'breathability' and some air holes within the synthetic leather for the same reason. Finally, the shoe features a strap above the laces, that features 'Powerlift' printed within the fabric.