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Porsche Design Sport: sportswear fashion label designed by Adidas (2007)

Porsche Design Sport is a sportswear fashion label that is designed by Adidas. Porsche is a German automotive company that was founded by Ferdinand Porsche. Porsche released the iconic Porsche 911 in 1963, and from the 1960's to the present day, Porsche are one of the leading performance luxury automotives. While Porsche are primarily a automotive manufacturer, they also sell a range of accessories: watches, fashion, luggage, eyewear and electronics. The 'Porsche Design Sport' fashion line was released in 2007, and is sometimes referred to as: "Porsche Design Sport by adidas". The 'Porsche Design Sport' product line includes the following: footwear, bags, shirts, pants, jackets, and shorts.

The Porsche Design Sport lettering, the classic Porsche font, alongside a modern Adidas logo that is used for their Neo fashion label as well. Low top Porsche Design Sport sneakers by adidas, in grey leather.

Ferdinand Porsche, founder of Porsche, was a contemporary of Adolf Dassler, founder of Adidas. Both ran successful businesses in the 1930's Germany, and both collaborated with the Nazi Party during the 1930's and 1940's. In post-war Germany their companies were at the forefront of a resurgent West German economy. Ferdinand Porsche's grandson, Ferdinand Alexsander Porsche, was responsible for designing the Porsche 911, and also founded Porsche Design: a company that manufactured luxury sunglasses, furniture and watches. It is with the Porsche Design Group that Adidas collaborated to create the Porsche Design Sport product line.

The 'Porsche Design Group' is currently a subsidiary of 'Porsche AG': 'Porsche Design' was founded in 1972 and was the brainchild of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. While 'Porsche Design' is a design studio, it has also licensed it's brand name to other designers, such as Adidas. In previous decades, many Porsche Design products had the marketing blurb "Design by F.A. Porsche" printed onto the product. The 'Porsche Design Group', while being a subsidiary of 'Porsche AG', has also created it's own subsidiaries: such as 'Porsche Design Timepieces AG'. The fact that the 'Porsche Design Group' enters into licensing agreements with other companies, such as Adidas, 'muddles the water' in terms of what Porsche Design create themselves and what is designed by third parties.

Porsche Design Sport fashion items are a luxury product that generally cost far more than their Adidas counterparts. The 'Porsche Design Sport' sneakers (shown above), with discreet Adidas three stripe branding, currently cost in the region of £350. The vast majority of 'Porsche Design Sport' products cost over £200; however, it must be said, the fashion line is limited in number and is exclusive. Porsche are a luxury brand, and their clothing line reflects this in quality and pricing. The 2015 Porsche Design Sport product line includes the following products: Tubular Ec Nylon Running Sneakers; Insulation Jacket; Sport Zip Hoodie; Cross-body Bag; Long Training Pants; Swimming Trunks; Workout Chill T-shirt; Summer Down Jacket; Windbreaker Jacket; and Tech Wool Jumper.