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What is a PU-coating for Adidas products?

PU-coating refers to a polyurethane coating, which in layman's terms is a plastic coating. PU-coatings are usually applied as a single side coating (to base fabrics) - whether to a manmade or natural base fabrics - that makes the base fabric water-resistant (waterproof), potentially heatproof and protects the base fabric from scuffs and scratches. PU-coatings are typically applied to the following products: camping tents, light duty covers, waterproof clothing, waterproof footwear and bags. PU-coatings are typically classified as a 'solid polyurethane elastomer', which also includes adhesives and sealants; alongside coatings. Adidas also use high density foam based polyurethane in their footwear midsoles; which provides cushioning. Adidas do not apply a PU-coating to the majority of it's products, but they do apply a PU-coating to selected products: like their Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoes and some of their backpacks.