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Q: PRIMEMESH: what does this Adidas fabric do?

A PRIMEMESH is a synthetic fabric that is used in the 'upper' section of Adidas footwear; typically football boots, like the ACE16.1. The purpose of the PRIMEMESH synthetic fabric is three-fold:

  1. Comfort.
  2. Precise control.
  3. Eliminates 'wear-in' / 'break-in'.

The mesh fabric of the ACE 16.1 football boot; the fabric is called the Primeknit fabric.

New football boots often mean sore feet: due to the leather / fabric of football boots being thicker and more dense than that of sneakers. Modern football boots typically have softer material than the boots of yesteryear; which means they have lowered the time it takes to break-in a new football boot, or have eradicated it altogether. If you have purchased a PRIMEMESH football boot, and it has still produced a sore foot and blustering, you can rub Vaseline onto all of the contact points of your foot before you play a match. Another option is to wear the boot around the home to gently break them in. The drawback to a softer upper in a football boot is the potential increase in foot injuries from tackles.