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Q: Adidas Originals retail stores; originally opened in 2001

A The first Adidas Originals retail stores were opened in 2001; in Berlin and Dubai. Since the success of the two original stores, more stores have opened worldwide. The Adidas Originals retail stores, as you would expect, primarily sell the 'Adidas Originals' collection; the Originals collection is a range of heritage products like the Stan Smith and Samba sneakers. The majority of Adidas stores in the UK are outlet stores - which sell Originals, Performance and Equipment products - but there are Originals retail stores scattered throughout Europe. Below, is a list of Adidas Originals retail stores located in the UK, and those that are closest to the UK, but are located in Europe:

  1. Liverpool: Company owned store, 32-34 Whitechapel, L1 6DZ, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  2. London: Company owned store, 15 Fouberts Place, Carnaby Street, Fouberts Place, Carnaby, W1F 7QB, London, United Kingdom
  3. Den Haag: Company owned store, Vlamingstraat 27, 2511 AZ, Den Haag, Netherlands
  4. Haarlem: Company owned store, Grote Houtstraat 105, 2011 SH, Haarlem, Netherlands
  5. Rotterdam: Company owned store, Oude Binnenweg 40, 3012 JE, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  6. Amsterdam: Company owned store, Leidsestraat 7, 1017 NS, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  7. Antwerp: Company owned store, Kammenstraat 45-47, 2000, Antwerp, Belgium
  8. Breda: Company owned store, Ginnekenstraat 57, 4811 JE, Breda, Netherlands
  9. Utrecht: Company owned store, Lange Elisabethstraat 27, 3511 JB, Utrecht, Netherlands
  10. Brest: Company owned store, Rue Jean Jaurès 21, 29200, Brest, France
  11. Paris: Company owned store, 3 Rue des Rosiers, 75004, Paris, France
  12. Milan: Company owned store, Via Tocqueville 11, 20154, Milano, Italy
  13. Barcelona: Company owned store, Calle d'Avinyo 6, 08002, Barcelona, Spain
  14. Madrid: Company owned store, Calle de Fuencarral 46, 28004, Madrid, Spain