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Adidas Oregon: features Dellinger Web midsole reinforcement technology (1982)

The Adidas Oregon is an all-purpose running shoe that is iconic for featuring Bill Dellinger's 'Dellinger Web' midsole reinforcement technology. William "Bill" Dellinger was a 5.000 meters runner that became assistant coach to Bill Bowerman in the 1970's. Bill Bowerman was head coach for the Oregon Ducks track and field team, and coached legendary distance runner Steve Prefontaine. Bowerman designed a range of Nike running shoes, and was obsessed with producing a comfortable, stable and lightweight shoe.

It was quite the coop for Adidas to poach a technology from a protégé of Bill Bowerman. The Dellinger Web was wrapped around the midsole and provided reinforcement against downward forces. The first Adidas shoe to use the Dellinger Web was the Oregon. Naming the shoe Oregon will not have gone unnoticed by Nike, who, in the early 1980's, relied heavily on the shoe designs developed by Bill Bowerman at the University of Oregon. Adidas had obviously become aware that Nike may challenge their dominance in sports equipment.

A pair of oregon sneakers that are burgundy, creme and white colourway and mesh material. Vintage version of the oregon, released in 1982, with gold lettering text. The oregon running shoe in a pink colourway.

The first version of the Adidas Oregon was released in 1982 - shown above - but the Oregon has continued to be re- designed, and the last version to be released was the version 10. Modern versions of the Oregon do not feature the Dellinger Web, and will not be covered on this page. The first version of the Adidas Oregon was released with a nylon mesh and nubuck (suede) upper; the nylon lowered the weight and the nubuck provided stability and durability. The Oregon features the classic three stripes design, and has an EVA midsole. Apart from the Dellinger Web, the Oregon is a standard and basic Adidas running shoe. The shoe is no longer used by competitive runners, and is periodically released by Adidas as part of their Originals range of heritage shoes.