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"Not Made For Normal", "Forget Cold" - Climaheat marketing

Climaheat is a new fabric technology that Adidas are promoting on social media platforms. Video's titled "Not Made For Normal" and "Forget Cold" promote the benefits of the technology: a fabric technology, that it's name suggests, insulates body heat to keep the wearer warm in cold and extreme climates.

Explains how hollow fibres keep moisture out of the climaheat apparel.

Explains how heat seals hold in heat on climaheat products.

The marketing blurb for climaheat, which is: forget cold

The screenshots shown above can be found on youtube (

The video provides a brief explanation how Climaheat works: "Come winter, hollow fibres keep moisture out, heat seals hold in heat, minimise heat loss from the inside, Pertex Endurance weather resistant outer, premium goose down power insulation, forget cold, Climaheat." Adidas have released a range of Climaheat products, that includes: gloves, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, and tights. Each Climaheat product uses a different configuration of fabric technologies to provide: power insulation, heat retention, weather resistance, moisture management and weather resistance. Climaheat is not a 'one size fits all' fabric technology, Climaheat apparel uses a range of fabric technologies - like Polartec® Alpha®, Polartec® High Loft®, Pertex® and Pertex® Quantum® - to provide it's wearer an optimal body temperature in any weather condition.