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Adidas reclaim No. 2 sports brand position in the USA

Adidas, according to Matt Powell - an expert at NPD Retail Tracking - have reclaimed the coveted No.2 spot (behind Nike) in US sport footwear and apparel sales. Historically, Adidas have always been amongst the best selling sports brands in North America - before the rise of Nike they were sometimes the top selling brand in the USA - but they have struggled of late, with relatively new brands, like Under Armour (UA), overtaking their sales in the U.S. Speaking of Adidas' poor North American performance of late, Andreas Inderst, a Macquarie analyst, recently said: “Clearly, on paper, North America is the land of opportunities and it can’t get much worse from here.”

Matt Powell stating that Adidas has once again attained 2 spot in US sport footwear and apparel, passing UA.

Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer, in his final year as CEO, has been pushing the company’s revival in North America, and in early 2016 stated: “We have changed a lot,” and speaking on growth in 2016: “particularly strong”. Under Armours shares slipped on the news of Adidas' resurgence and their own projected sluggish growth. Adidas' growth in North America has been credited to a stronger focus on basketball and U.S. centric product design; alongside the far larger budget and assets of Adidas when compared to Under Armour and other competitors (excluding Nike).