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Adidas Nizza: canvas upper and vulcanised rubber outsole (1975)

The Adidas Nizza is a canvas sneaker, released in 1975, that is Adidas' 'copy' of the Converse All Star. The Adidas Nizza has been released in a high top and low cut version (shown below) and is identified by the Nizza label placed on the heel of the midsole. The Adidas Nizza features: rubber toe bumper; the classic Adidas leather three-stripe design; metal ring eyelets; laces for fastening; Nizza logo on the heel; trefoil logo label on the tongue; and a vulcanised rubber outsole. The Adidas Nizza has been released in a wide variety of colourways; typically the colourway is two-tonal - the stripes being a different colour to the upper - and the midsole is dyed white.

Hi-rop version of the nizza in a white canvas upper. The nizza label on the heel of the shoe, with the trefoil logo next to the wordmark. The low-cut version of the nizza, in a grey and white canvas upper.

Speaking diplomatically, the Adidas Nizza was inspired in it's design by the Chuck Taylor All-Stars; the Nizza has generally been spoken of as a copy of the Chuck Taylor All-Stars. The Chuck Taylor All-Stars, also known as the Converse All Stars, is a basketball sneaker that has been used since the 1920's. The Chuck Taylor All-Stars (shown below) is the most iconic basketball sneaker ever produced. The Chuck Taylor All-Stars has a vulcanised rubber outsole that makes the shoe extremely durable; basketball is a sport which places a high degree of wear-and-tear on the shoe. The sneakers toe bumper protects the toes, making the shoe ideally suited to the basketball court. Chuck Taylor, a basketball player, designed the shoe, and designed it to dominate the basketball shoe market. The All-Stars design was never updated, and by the 1980's the Chuck Taylor All-Stars was rarely used by professional basketball players; it's believed that Tree Rollins was the last player to wear the All-Stars in the NBA (1980).

The canvas all-star, which the nizza attempted to copy. The Converse All-Star, a shoe which inspired the design of the Nizza.

The Adidas Nizza is a popular sneaker, but due to it being inspired by the design of the Chuck Taylor All-Stars, it has never reached the same iconic status as the All-Stars. Most sportswear companies have released a canvas sneaker with a vulcanised rubber outsole; none of these sneakers seriously competed with the popularity of the Chuck Taylor All-Stars. It is somewhat surprising that Adidas released the Nizza so late; Adidas had been producing footwear since the 1950's. Adidas had released a multitude of basketball sneakers in the 70's and 80's, and perhaps saw it a 'smart' business move to take as much business as possible away from it's main competitor: the Converse All-Stars.