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Are Adidas the current kit and ball supplier to the New Zealand All Blacks

Yes they are, as of 2017. An example of a recent Adidas New Zealand All Blacks jersey is shown below. As you would expect from a rugby team named the All Blacks, the All Blacks play in a 100% black outfit (excluding the All Blacks badge and the Adidas Performance logo).

The All Blacks jersey, made by Adidas for the past 18 years, and will be, at least, for the next 2 years.

The All Blacks are the New Zealand national rugby union team, and are the most successful national rugby side: achieving a winning record against every other national team and an overall 77% winning record in test match rugby. Adidas announced in 2008 that they had agreed a 10 years extension to their kit sponsorship deal with the All Blacks; which would run to 2019. Adidas began their kit manufacturing sponsorship of the All Blacks in 1999; the extension ensured that they will have sponsored the All Blacks for 20 consecutive seasons.

Unlike with international football (soccer) kit manufacturing deals, Adidas' deal with the All Blacks also includes boots and balls; football players usually sign independent boot sponsorship deals and football organisations (FIFA, UEFA, Premier League etc) sign independent ball sponsorship deals. Traditional rugby jerseys were made from cotton and were heavy in comparison to kits worn in other sports. Adidas revolutionised rugby kits: developing jerseys that weighed less and less - the current jersey weight 35% less than the previous one - and incorporating fabric technologies like ForMotion™ and ClimaCool®.

The value of Adidas' sponsorship deal with the New Zealand All Blacks has never been made public; however, it has not been without controversy: with All Blacks fans discovering that their kit was being sold for more in New Zealand than it was in North America or the United Kingdom; a headline on The New Zealand Herald’s website (4 Aug 2011) read: “All Black jersey reaction: ‘You’re ripping off the NZ public.’