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Q: Naseem Hamed: boxer sponsored by Adidas in the 1990's

A Naseem Hamed, also known as "Prince Naseem Hamed", was a UK lightweight boxer, often referred to as the most talented British boxer to ever box, and one time Adidas sponsorship recipient. Naseem Hamed boxed in the 1990's, and only suffered one defeat: to Marco Antonio Barrera. Hamed was overweight and overconfident before the fight; Barrera won by unanimous decision. Hamed was forced to retire a fight later: due to ongoing problems with his hands; he had suffered multiple fractures. Due to stopping boxing at 28, Hamed is usually viewed as having not fulfilled his potential: due to his immense talent and punching boxer.

Hamed was a supreme showman, he often participated in elaborate ring entrances: once flying to the ring on a flying carpet. He was controversial for his mockery of opponents and ring arrogance. But, like Muhammed Ali before him, he was the ideal candidate for sponsorship: bringing plenty of attention for whomever would 'pony' up the cash to sponsor him. Adidas was the sports brand who sponsored him; shown in the above image, is Hamed wearing his iconic leopard print shorts, with the Adidas three-stripes incorporated into the design.

It was rare for Adidas to sponsor a boxer so prominently - as the above image shows they sponsored the fight and had their brand name inserted into the ring - as they usually tended to focus on football, athletics and tennis. His early retirement from boxing - he only fought five times in the US - and unexpected defeat by Berrera meant that Adidas probably did not capitalise on the amount of money they spent promoting Hamed; they aired TV advertising campaigns featuring Hamed in North America.