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Adidas Munchen: indoor sports training shoe (1979)

The Adidas Munchen was released in 1979, and was designed to be an indoor training shoe. The shoe is applicable to a range of sports, but was primarily designed for footballers training indoor during bad weather in the winter months. The shoe has a huge midsole - much larger than other Adidas sneakers of the era - that provides a high level of cushioning to avoid injuries on hard indoor surfaces; which tend to place greater on joints, tendons, and muscles, than training on soft surfaces like grass.

Munchen shoes in suede leather upper, and huge midsole. The gold lettering placed on the end stripe of thr training shoe. Showing the inner textile material of the Munchen shoe.

The Adidas Munchen has been released with a suede/mesh upper, and a full leather upper. The heel height is 1cm, whereas most Adidas sneakers are 0.5cm. The upper material is perforated on and around the toe box; the perforated holes provide air circulation that cools the foot and lowers sweating. The shoe features Adidas trefoil branding on the heel, tongue, and the midsole; the branding on the midsole is discreet due to it being the same colour as the midsole. The Munchen gold lettering is placed on the last leather stripe; most Adidas sneakers place the lettering behind the stripe and not upon it.

Present day, the Adidas Munchen is not sold as a training shoe, but as a casual sneaker that is popular with fashionistas, sneakerheads, football fans, and 'casuals'. The Munchen is part of the Originals range of sneakers, but it is not continually for sale: instead, it is released periodically, which keeps interest in the shoe at fever pitch. The Munchen has been released in a range of colourways; including: Black / Brown; Sky Blue / White; Deep Red / White; Green / White; Air Force Blue / White; Solid Blue / White; and White / Sun Yellow.