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Adidas Milano: 'terrace icon' trainer, part of the City Series

The Adidas Milano is part of the City Series - a range of trainers released in 1982 - that are described as 'terrace trainers' due to the iconic status and popularity they have amongst football fans in the UK. The City Series was released when the 'casual' scene was at it's apex in the UK: City Series trainers were beloved by football 'firms' in the 80's and they have remained sought-after and quintessential terracewear for modern day casuals.

The Adidas Milano, like the other shoes in the Cty Series, is a basic shoe that is designed with fashion in mind rather than sports performance. The midsole cushioning and heel support is near nonexistent, but that translates into a lean and stylish appearance. The upper of the shoe is made from suede, but the overlays (stripes, heel patch) are made from leather. The outersole is made from a plain gum rubber. The outersole is flat, which makes it ideal for indoor courts. The Adidas Milano is still in production and costs in the region of £65.00. The trainer has a range of colourways: such as the brown / light brown (shown above) and the dark blue / black colourway versions.