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Adidas Messi16 Space Dust football boot

The Adidas Mess16 Space Dust is the sixteenth version of the Adidas Messi football boot, and features a range of cutting edge Adidas technologies: Agility Touch Skin Layer, Agility Purecut Upper, and Agility Sprintframe Outsole. Adidas are marketing the boot as: "designed to create the impossible" and "built to enhance (Messi's) style and agile movement". Lionel Messi has been nicknamed "THE ALIEN" due to his supreme ability and agility, and the name of the Messi 16 Space Dust is obviously a 'play' on this theme; with the official promotion picture (shown below) having a distinct outer-worldly sci-fi 'feel'.

The promo / promotion picture of the Messi16 football boot, which has been termed the 'space dust' boot.

The technology of the Messi16, according to Adidas, provides the following: a Purecut sockliner that perfect fit and stability; a stud configuration for optimal grip; and a Sprintframe outer-sole to increase agility (change of movement speed). Lionel Messi, himself, had this to say about the Messi16 boot: "the Messi16 gives me uninterrupted control, change of movement, and allows me to do whatever I want with the ball."