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Adidas Marathon 85: retro long distance running shoe

The Adidas Marathon 85 is a long distance running shoe that was originally released in 1985. The shoe, as the name would suggest, is designed for marathon running; although the shoe is suitable for short and middle distance running. The Marathon 85 was released during the same era as the Adidas ZX series; there is a similarity in the design of both running shoes and their appearance. The Marathon 85 was worn by a wide selection of professional long distance runners in the mid-1980's, and was worn by hundreds of runners participating at the: New York City Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Paris Marathon, London Marathon, Tokyo Marathon, Boston Marathon, Berlin Marathon and Osaka Marathon.

Adidas Marathon 85 in a colourway with purple, cream, light brown and black. Showing the rear purple heel tab of the Marathon 85 long distance running shoe. Showing the laces of the Marathon 85, and the toe rubber guard to protect the front of the upper of the shoe.

The upper of the Marathon 85 is a combination of suede and textile; the textile is probably nylon, but it has been described as mesh by some retailers - the textile used may be different in the modern version when compared to the 80's original. The suede provides stability and durability; if the upper of the shoe was entirely made of textile, it would be lightweight, but would be entirely flimsy and would not support the foot. The EVA midsole of the shoe is a sizeable wedge, providing cushioning for long runs: helping to avoid the joints from stiffening. The gum rubber has thick grooves to grip onto wet smooth surfaces and cross country trails. The Marathon 85 is no longer sold by Adidas for performance use, but as a retro shoe for casual wear.