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Adidas Lucas: skate shoe with suede upper

The Adidas Lucas is a skate shoe that is named after the French professional skateboarder Lucas Puig. Lucas Puig was born on the 31st of January, 1987, and grew up in the Midi-Pyrénées area of France. Lucas Puig has primarily been sponsored by Cliché Skateboards - a skateboard company, founded by Jeremie Daclin, that is based in Lyon, France - but, as with most professional skateboarders, he is sponsored by a range of commercial companies; such as: Autobahn, Adidas, and Fourstar. Lucas Puig has been sponsored by Adidas since 2011, and the Adidas Lucas is one of Adidas' best selling skateboarding shoes:

The gold letters of the Lucas Puig sneakers, in the dark blue and golden letters. Displaying the upper of the lucas, which by standard, is a dark blue suede upper and orange stripes and a heel patch.

The Lucas, ideal for skateboarding, whether on ramps on doing tricks on the street and urban locations.

The Adidas Lucas is a part of the Adidas skateboarding range - which also features the Busenitz skate shoe - and is a part of the originals sneaker range. The Lucas features less technology than the Busenitz, and has a more classic and vintage Adidas design. The Lucas is designed to be a light weight skate shoe, and comes in a range of models; such as: ADV and Titan. The Adidas Lucas typically features: Sprintskin support to increase durability; perforated suede tongue / upper to increase ventilation; heel cup to improve support and cushioning; EVA midsole; molded interior sockliner; herringbone outsole; and a gum sole tread. The Adidas Lucas also includes the classic gold lettering - shown above - with identifies the sneaker as a Lucas Puig.

The majority of skateboard shoes are made from suede: due to the rough treatment skateboard shoes receive as they are dragged across the deck of a skateboard. The suede material tends to wear out in layers - making it last longer - and provides more grip when dragged across the deck of a skateboard. Skateboarders typically want a shoe with a cupsole: as a cupsole is stitched rather than glued to the outside of the sneaker. Therefore, a cupsole will provide more durability, a must for any skate shoe. Skateboard shoes typically have cushioning systems borrowed from basketball shoes; both sports are similar in the amount of impacts that are placed upon the sole of the shoe/foot.