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Q: Adidas Los Angeles: is it a modern reincarnation of the LA sneaker?

A Yes it is. The Adidas LA Sneaker was a running shoe designed for the 1984 Olympic Games; which was held in Los Angeles, California. It is one of Adidas' most popular shoes, and is currently part of the Originals heritage collection. The Adidas Los Angeles is a modern reworking of this shoe; it lacks the nylon tongue, trefoil heel patch, and the tri-colour Vario plugs of the LA sneaker. While the Los Angeles lacks a few design features of the original LA sneaker, it does adhere to the same upper, midsole and outersole design. While the midsole of the Los Angeles sneaker may look the same as the LA sneaker - it has the same dimensions - it is actually made from a modern ultra-soft EVA compound that Adidas state provides unparalleled comfort.

Modern sneaker that is inspired in it's designed by the LA sneaker. Adidas Los Angeles sneaker

The sneaker released for the 1984 Olympic Games held in Los Angeles. Sneaker in dark blue and silver stripes. Adidas LA Sneaker

As the pictures above highlight, the Adidas Los Angeles has a simple, sleek and clean-cut look, evolving the Adidas LA sneakers retro 80's design into the modern era. Add-in the additional modern materials and cushioning used in the construction of the Adidas Los Angeles, it is a valid conclusion to state that the Adidas Los Angeles is a modern reincarnation rather than a simple copy of the Adidas LA sneaker.