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Adidas LA: sneaker designed for the 1984 Olympic Games

The Adidas LA is a sneaker that was designed for the 1984 Olympic Games; the 1984 Olympic Games were held in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, and starred Carl Lewis in the 100 metres and long jump. The Adidas LA sneaker was widely used by athletes at the 1984 Olympic Games: with over 120 countries using Adidas clothing and footwear. One of the most famous athletes to use Adidas sneakers at the 1984 Olympic Games was Edwin Moses; Moses won the 400 metres hurdles. The 1984 Olympic Games is notable for the absence of the Soviet Union: the Soviet Union boycotted the Games after the United States had previously boycotted the 1980 Olympic Games held in Moscow.

The LA trainer text, which is placed on the third stripe of the upper of the adidas trainer. A pair of L.A. trainers, in suede blue.

The LA is one of Adidas' most iconic sneakers of the 1980's, and highlights the 80's trend for designing larger and more bulky sneakers. Adidas sneakers from the 1960's and 1970's were more slimline and tighter fitting. The standout design feature of the Adidas LA is the 'peg' cushioning system: placed below the heel, it can be viewed on the midsole of the sneaker. The Adidas LA features three pegs, which are removable for adjusting the damping, and heralded the beginnings of an 1980's 'boom' for implementing complex sneaker cushioning systems. The Nike Air bubble is another example of a 1980's cushioning system.

The Adidas LA is available in a suede, canvas and an all-leather version. The Adidas LA is one of the few Adidas sneakers that places the name of the sneaker on the three stripes; most Adidas sneakers place the sneaker name behind the stripes and printed in gold lettering. The Adidas LA contains: a synthetic inner lining; EVA midsole for additional cushioning; a deep rubber outsole for additional grip; and, of course, the iconic heel plugs. The Adidas LA comes a wide range of colourways; such as: Solid Grey / Solar Blue; Night Flash Purple / Flash Orange; Navy Blue / Lime; and White / Red / Navy.