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Adidas Jeans: leisure sneaker released in 1980

The Adidas Jeans is a 'leisure' sneaker that was released in 1980. The shoe has a basic design that features: a suede upper with synthetic (previously leather) overlays; leather inner lining; and a gum rubber outsole.

Adidas Jeans shoe in a green and orange suede upper. Highlights the Jeans gold text on the shoe.

Shows the plain orange leather overlay on the heel, commonly referred to as the Adidas Heel Patch. Gum rubber outsole, with trefoil logo pattern.

The Adidas Jeans has a similar design to the Adidas City Series and Island Series range of leisure shoes; these shoes were released in the same era. Prior to the release of Adidas 'leisure' shoes in the early 1980's, all of Adidas' sneakers were practical shoes designed for sportswear. However, in the late 1970's / early 1980's, the 'casual' youth culture in the UK, and the 'hip-hop' youth culture in the USA, popularised the wearing of sports brands as fashion / leisure wear. The Gazelle sneaker was popular with 'casuals' and the Superstar sneaker was popular with Hip-Hop musicians like RUN-DMC. To 'cash in' on the fact that teenagers were wearing Adidas sneakers as fashion wear in the UK, Adidas designed shoes like the Adidas City Series, Adidas Tobacco and Adidas Jeans. The difference between Adidas 'leisure' shoes and their more practical alternatives, was the slimeline and more stylish 'barebone' cut. The images shown above, highlight that the Adidas Jeans has a near nonexistent midsole (cushioning) and no padding around the tongue and heel, ensuring the design is clean cut and without bulk; ideal as a fashion accessory and worn with a pair of jeans.