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Adidas Java: dark blue and red suede upper trainer

The Adidas Java was released in the early 1980's as a part of the Adidas Island Series. The shoes of the Island Series were designed to be swanky and voguish rather than functional; popular with 'dressers' rather than athletes. All of the shoes in the Adidas Island Series have a slightly different design and traditional colourway (upper and overlay colour) but they do conform to some specifics: slimline, stylish, suede upper, three-stripe design, trefoil logo branding, and limited midsole cushioning. The Island Series, as the name would suggest, was a collection of shoes named to recogonise islands popular as tourist attractions. Java is a large Indonesian island that the capital city of Indonesia (Jakarta) is located on. Java's demography is comprised of many ethnic groups; the dominant religion of the island is Islam. The Indonesian flag is red and white, therefore, the colourway of the Adidas Java (dark blue, red and white) does displays colours related to the island of Java.

Side profile of the Java trainer with a dark blue suede upper and red leather overlatys. Adidas Java shoe with the rear of the shoe with the red heel tab with white trefoil logo printed onto it.