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Adidas Ivan Lendl: tennis shoe released in the 1980's

The Adidas Ivan Lendl, sometimes referred to as the Tennis Super OG (later re-issues) or the Adidas Lendl Supreme. The shoe was released in the mid-1980s - most likely 1984 - and was, of course, endorsed by the professional tennis player Ivan Lendl. The shoe has been re-issued by Adidas in the 2014. While the shoe is generally thought of as the 'classic' version of the Adidas Ivan Lendl, it is not the only Adidas Lendl shoe. Adidas released other Adidas Lendl tennis shoes, such as the: Adidas Lendl Advantage, Adidas Lendl Champ, Adidas Lendl Champ II, Adidas Lendl Indoor, and Adidas Lendl Favourite.

The shoe was released circa 1984-1985, at the peak of Lendl's tennis prowess. The shoe, worn by Lendl was also named the Tennis Super OG in later release versions, such as this shoe.

Adidas have endorsed a range of top professional tennis players, such as: Rod Laver, Stan Smith, Ilie Nastase, and Andy Murray. Not all of the tennis players that Adidas endorses have a tennis shoe named after them - it is generally reserved for No.1 ranked players - therefore, Ivan Lendl finds himself in select company; especially as Adidas released multiple Adidas Lendl shoes. None of the Adidas Ivan Lendl shoes are viewed as iconic Adidas shoes - like the Adidas Stan Smith or Rod Laver - probably because it was designed in the 1980's. While the Adidas Ivan Lendl cannot be described as a ugly shoe, neither it is beautiful or stylish. The mid to late 1980's did not set the benchmark for classic Adidas designs; unlike the 1970's and early 1980's. The Adidas Ivan Lendl was, however, rated for it's comfort and it's sturdiness. The shoe features a bulky midsole and strong stitching to ensure the leather upper did not fray away from the rubber outsole; a common problem with tennis shoe's due to the excessive strain the sport places upon footwear. The shoe, of course, features Adidas' classic 3-stripe design, with an all leather upper, but it did not feature a portrait tongue like the Adidas Stan Smith and Nastase.