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Q: Adidas initial public offer (IPO): 17th of November, 1995

A I recently received an email asking: "when was adidas' initial public offer (IPO)?". That question is easy to answer, it was on the 17th of November, 1995. Previous to it's IPO, Adidas had been owned and operated by the Dassler family and then by Bernard Tapie. Robert Louis-Dreyfus took over management of Adidas in 1993, and transformed the fortunes of Adidas; it had been struggling for the previous 5 years. Robert Louis-Dreyfus oversaw the initial public offer (IPO) of Adidas and remained as the CEO of Adidas until 2001. Robert Louis-Dreyfus decided to float Adidas on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange; this was logical as Adidas were founded by a German and has always maintained it's headquarters in Germany, however, Bernard Tapie and Robert Louis-Dreyfus were both Frenchmen, therefore, there was the potential for the company to have been floated outside of Germany. The type of shares that Adidas were floated with were: no-par-value shares. The Adidas IPO proved so successful that Adidas became a member of the DAX in 1998; this is an index of the top 30 companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The stock registration number (ISIN) of Adidas is the following number (for potential investors): DE000A1EWWW0.