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Adidas Hoops: mid-top sneaker designed for basketball

The Adidas Hoops is a mid-top sneaker that was designed for basketball; incidentally, for novices to the sport, the basketball 'hoop' is an integral part of the sport. The sneaker was designed in the 1980's style, and like most of the basketball mid-top sneakers of that era: the design is chunky, and with plenty of padding around the ankle. The Adidas Hoops is part of the NEO fashion label: the NEO label was launched in 2009 and is aimed at teenagers.

The hoops sneaker, released in the 1980's, and  one of adidas's most retro and iconic basketball sneakers. Displays the unique hoops logo, located at the rear of the sneaker, a logo not found on most adidas products. The Wordmark logo, also wrote as word mark logo, is printed on the rear of the hoops mid-top sneaker.

The sneaker is a lace up, has a hard wearing sole (rubber cupsole)(required for basketball courts), has a high padded ankle, and comes in a range of colourful designs. The sneaker is still currently for sale - in the range of £60-70 - and has a child and adult version. For adult sizes, the Adidas Hoops is released in the following sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. As the above image shows, the Adidas Hoops does not feature either the Adidas Trefoil or Adidas Performance logo's: instead the sneaker features a less common wordmark logo (used on NEO products).

Adidas state, as of 2015, that the Adidas Hoops is made out of synthetic leather (upper) with suede overlays, and the interior of the sneaker features a textile lining; the sneaker is also released with a air mesh upper with suede overlays. The Adidas Hoops has a rubber toe bumper, a heel clip that is rubberised, and a rubber outsole that is vulcanised. A vulcanised outsole means the outsole has been glued and melted onto the sneaker; generally speaking, a vulcanised outsole provides a good 'feel' but it is not as durable as an outsole that has been stiched to the shoe.

Adidas also host an 'Adidas Hoops Challenge' ( - not to be confused with the sneaker - that is an NCAA certified event and brings together university basketball teams from across the United States of America. Some of the universities that compete in the Adidas Hoops Challenge are: Brown University, Howard University, Illinois State University, Mississippi State University, North Carolina State University, Ohio State University, Penn State University, Princeton University, Texas A & M, University of Iowa, West Virginia State University, and West Point.