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Adidas HomeCourt: a new global retail store concept (2014)

Adidas HomeCourt is a new store concept, launched by Adidas in 2014, that will comprise 25 new stores globally. Adidas HomeCourt stores will be designed to replicate a sports stadium, with every customer greeted with a “Sound Shower” when they enter the store. The heart of the HomeCourt stores is the 'Arena Façade', the entrance of the store is the 'Tunnel Entry', and the center of the 'Arena Facade' is named the 'Shoebase at Centrefield': which is a circular table (shown below) that is surrounded by sneakers. The fitting area of the store is called the 'Team Room': which will replicate the changing / locker room of a sports stadium. The interactive design of the HomeCourt should provide visitors with an experience they have never had from another sports store.

The customer desk at the new HomeCourt store located in Beijing, China. The Shoebase of the Homecourt store for Adidas, this is the centerpiece of the store and  includes all the latest sneakers for adidas.

The HomeCourt is 'decked' out with interactive tables that provide big touchscreens that will provide visitors with additional information: with the aim of helping the customer pick the right product. Due to the popularity of buying online, bricks and mortar stores are having to provide an experience that can't be replicated by a website. Ted Mager, head of Adidas' retail environments, said that: “HomeCourt will give customers the opportunity to experience the entire breadth and depth of the history of the adidas brand,”. Adidas have created a business sales model with three channels: wholesale, retail (stores) and eCommerce (website). HomeCourt is obviously a part of Adidas' retail channel: a channel that has needed to adapt and offer a new experience to compete with cut-price online sales.

Adidas HomeCourt stores will be launched globally in 2014: twenty five in total. The first store was opened in Beijing, China. The first store launched in South America was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In Europe, the first store was opened in London, England. The store that was opened with the biggest 'fanfare' was the Dubai store on the 29th of September, 2015. David Beckham opened the store - located at the Mall of Emirates - and he was 'mobbed' by hundreds of fans: he later signed autographs, and posed for photo's with the first visitors to the store. David Beckham wore a Adidas 'miami' t-shirt to the opening: a reference to the new football team he will own in Miami. David Beckham has had a long endorsement partnership with Adidas: he endorsed Adidas football boots in the 1990's, and, as his fame increased, he became the global 'face' of the Adidas brand.