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Herbert Hainer: CEO of Adidas from 2001-2015

Herbert Hainer is a German citizen and businessman who was appointed CEO of the Adidas-Group in 2001. Hainer has remained as CEO of the Adidas-Group to the present day (2015); which makes him one of the longest serving German CEO's. Herbert Hainer was born on the 3rd of July, 1954, and was born in Dingolfing. Dingolfing is a small town located on the Isar river in Southern Bavaria; the closest city is Munich, which is located 100 km to the north.

Herbert Hainer, CEO of Adidas, at a press meeting with the All Blacks rugby teams, having signed a sporting goods business contract with them. Hainer and Beckenbauer at the Presentation Of The FIFA World Cup 2010 Final  football.

Herbert Hainer joined Adidas in 1987; he had previously worked for Procter & Gamble. Herbert Hainer has worked in a range of positions at Adidas; including: Sales Director Hardware; Sales Director Field; National Sales Director; Managing Director Sales; European Senior Vice President Region; Member of the Executive Board; Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board; and finally CEO of the Executive Board and Chairman of the Executive Board.

The previous CEO's of Adidas were Bernard Tapie and Robert Louis-Dreyfus - both Frenchmen - so Hainer's appointment was a return to German management/leadership of Adidas. While Tapie's management of Adidas proved a disaster - nearly leading the company into bankruptcy - Louis-Dreyfus's tenure as CEO of Adidas was hugely successful - saving the corporation from near bankruptcy.

In February, 2015, Bloomberg reported that Adidas had begun their search for a successor to Herbert Hainer; investors have criticised Adidas' performance in North America, and believe that Adidas is 'losing ground' to their primary competitor: Nike. Adidas' share price had crashed by over 30% in 2014; due to poor sales figures in North America. Hainer's contract lasts until 2017, and he is not expected to 'step down' until that date. Adidas have stated that their search for a new CEO will encompass external and internal candidates.