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Adidas Hawaii: timber coloured heritage trainer

The Adidas Hawaii is a constituent of the Adidas Island Series: released in 1982, the Island Series exemplifies the quintessential Adidas three-stripe design. The trainers in the Island Series are named in tribute to famous islands, one of which is Hawaii. Hawaii is not a single island, it comprises hundreds of large and small islands, which are spread across hundreds of miles. The capital city of Hawaii is Honolulu; Hawaii became a state of the United States of America in 1959. However, due to Hawaii's previous ties to the British Empire, it's flag still features the Union Jack; the only U.S. state to feature the Union flag of the United Kingdom.

Hawaii casual trainer, that is a part of the Island Series, trainers released in the 1982.

Unlike other islands that are part of the Adidas Island Series, Hawaii does not have a colour that is closely associated with the island; such as the yellow of Jamaica or the red of Trinidad and Tobago. Adidas uses a timber coloured suede upper for the Adidas Hawaii; the leather overlays for the shoe are traditionally a light brown, but some versions of the shoes have been released with a different shade of timber and with dark green leather overlays. The Adidas Hawaii was designed with style in mind, therefore, it is a popular piece of fashionwear; it's use as a practical sports shoe is limited due to it's lack of midsole cushioning, heel support or midfoot support.