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Adidas Hamburg: sneaker with clean and slimline styling

The Adidas Hamburg is a sneaker, originally released in 1982, that was part of the City Series of Adidas sneakers. The Hamburg was not designed as a running or sports shoe, but was designed for 'street wear' and was a sneaker for the fashion conscious. The Hamburg was released at the height of the 'casual' UK subculture: casuals were fashion conscious teenagers/young adults who wore sportswear apparel/footwear and were typically football fans. It is generally believed that the casual subculture began in Liverpool: fans of the successful Liverpool football club regularly traveled to European football matches and took the European sportswear brands back home. Present day, Adidas know of the historical popularity of their shoes with casuals, and market the City Series shoes to modern day casuals.

The gold text of the hamburg sneaker, printed on navy blue suede A pair of hamburg sneakers, released in the 80's, and part of the football terraces of london, manchester, leeds and liverpool.

Hamburg trainer in black and white suede upper Hamburg upper, but with the outersole painted in white rather than orange gumsole.

The Hamburg is renowned for it's clean and slimline styling. The Hamburg sneaker is traditionally released with a suede upper and leather stripes/heel patch. Apart from limited editions, the Hamburg is never released with a canvas or leather upper. The most iconic colourways for the Hamburg are: black/yellow; yellow/blue; cream/red; and navy blue/white. Traditionally, the gumsole of the Adidas Hamburg is not coloured - it is left as an orange rubber - but on some of the recent releases of the Hamburg the outersole has been painted white (shown on the images, above). Likewise, modern versions of the Hamburg have a different patch stitched onto the tongue of the shoe.

The Hamburg features a t-shape design for the toe section: which helps the shoe retain it's shape and increases the shoes durability. The Hamburg has little in the way of cushioning or midsole technologies: the shoe is designed for fashion wear, and, therefore, only features a gumsole; the gumsole features a grooved pattern for grip. Adidas' most popular sneakers - like the Samba - are continuously manufactured: the Hamburg is a limited edition shoe that is only released in small batches during specific years. The last reissue of the Hamburg was in 2014.