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Adidas Half Shell: basketball sneaker with a half shelltoe (1974)

The Adidas Half Shell is a basketball sneaker that is named after the 'half shelltoe' that is placed onto the toe region of the shoe. The Adidas Half Shell was released in 1974, and is a modification of full shelltoe sneakers like the Adidias Superstar and Adidas Pro Model; these shoes were also basketball sneakers. Shelltoe sneakers are also referred to as a "shell shoe", or "shell tops", and named thus, because the design of the rubber toe guard resembles a shell. The shelltoe design was created by Adidas, and was primarily implemented into it's basketball sneakers; basketball players place alot of pressure and impact onto the toes.

The half shell has a rubber protection area for the toes. A close up of the halfshell, made from rubber and placed onto the suede.

The Adidas Half Shell is traditionally released with a full suede upper, and a rubber shelltoe glued onto the toe region. The Half Shell has adequate midsole cushioning, and the classic three stripes design; with perforated holes between the stripes. Some versions of the shoe have "HALF SHELL" printed in text next to the three stripes; which cannot be viewed in the above images. The Half Shell is typically released in a two tonal colourway: the stripes and heel patch are dyed in white, and the suede upper is dyed in a wide array of colours. Modern versions of the Half Shell (released in 2013) have the inner lining dyed in a third tonal - such as blue in the above image - but the original sneakers inner lining was white. Modern versions of the Half Shell have the following colourways:

  1. Black upper / white stripes / blue lining
  2. Blue upper / white stripes / red lining
  3. Green upper / white stripes / gold lining

The Half Shell has been manufactured for general consumption, but it is not currently manufactured by Adidas. The Half Shell is a rare shoe, and is sought after by sneakerheads. The shoe's name is sometimes confused with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise: there is no connection between Adidas and the movie/cartoon franchise.