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Gold foil text printed onto Adidas shoes

One of the most obvious design features of Adidas shoes - mostly featured on heritage (Originals) footwear - is the gold foil text logo printed onto the side of the shoe.

Gold foil text that is printed on the Adidas Hamburg shoe, which has a cream suede upper with leather overlays. Give an overview of where the gold foil text is placed on Adidas shoes, behind the three stripes and below the ankle.

The gold foil text logo of Adidas shoes is always positioned in a similar area - as shown above - which is between the three stripes (leather overlays) and the heel patch (leather overlay). The gold foil text logo is usually placed directly below the ankle bone of the users foot. While the majority of text logo's use a gold foil material, not all of them do: some are printed in a white foil material. The text logo of Adidas shoes is always the name of the shoe, such as: Hamburg, Gazelle, and Dragon. Some text logo's feature the word Adidas - like the Adidas Dragon - but the majority do not. Gold foil text logo's are typically found in heritage products - Adidas shoes released in the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's - and are rarely seen on modern Adidas shoes; those released in the 1990's and later.