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Adidas Gazelle Indoor: gym and indoor court sports footwear

The Adidas Gazelle Indoor, as the name would suggest, is a sneaker designed for use on indoor courts; gyms, basketball courts, football courts, squash courts, badminton courts etc.

The indoor version of the Gazelle shoe, designed for use on indoor courts like squash and indoor football. - Adidas Gazelle Indoor

The standard Gazelle shoe, with a heel tab featuring the trefoil logo. - Adidas Gazelle

The Gazelle OG is the first gazelle shoe released and features a plain heel tab. - Adidas Gazelle OG

The Gazelle Indoor, while retaining the design of the original shoe, does have a few minor differences: 1) different suede overlay for the toes 2) a clear gum midsole 3) a smaller tongue. The Gazelle Indoor has a slightly lower overall height to the original shoe, giving the shoe the impression of being slimline in comparison to other versions of the Gazelle.