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Q: Is Adidas listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange?

A Yes it is. The initial public offering (IPO) of Adidas was on the 17th of November, 1995; which was the first time that shares in Adidas were publicly traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Adidas purchased the Salomon Group in 1997, and was publicly listed as adidas-Salomon AG from 1997-2006. Adidas sold Salomon in 2006 and purchased Reebok, changing it's trading name to Adidas AG. From 2006-2016, Adidas has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as Adidas AG, and there appears to be no changes planned in this regard. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange, as the name suggests, is located in Frankfurt, Germany, and is one of the world's leading stock exchanges; due to the economic 'might' of German companies. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the largest German stock exchange and the following companies are listed on it: BMW AG, Deutsche Bank AG, Siemens AG and Volkswagen AG VZO. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is owned and managed by Deutsche Börse; Deutsche Börse was founded in 1992, and there are plans to merge it with the London Stock Exchange Group; making the merged stock exchanges the European 'leader' in trading shares and securities.