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Adidas ZX Flux: woven upper for sports-tech silhouettes (2013)

The Adidas ZX Flux is a modern running shoe that includes a woven upper that enables sports-tech silhouettes to be printed upon it. The silhouettes provide an endless range of designs for the upper material of the shoe, and Adidas market the shoe as "ZX Flux: Infinite Possibilities". Even though the ZX Flux is a modern shoe that features cutting edge materials and technology, Adidas have placed the shoe within it's Originals collection. The Originals collection features all of Adidas' heritage sneakers; like the Gazelle and Samba. The reason that Adidas has placed the ZX Flux into their Originals collection: is that the shoe's design is based upon the Adidas ZX 8000 sneaker; which was released in 1988 and was the first Adidas running shoe to feature the Torsion System.

A colourful version of the Flux ZX, the upper is dyed in bright yellow, and the adidas stripes are dyed in black, with the heel design also designed in black. Showing the unique heel cage design of the zx flux. The ZX material that can be customised to feature bizarre and unique designs and images.

The FX Flux features a woven upper - which can be customised with the #mi ZX FLUX customisation app; which can be downloaded from the adidas website - that provides a vast range of standard and customised multicoloured prints. The FX Flux's woven upper is similar to a mesh lining: which is a breathable material that 'wicks' sweat away from the foot and keeps the foot cool in hot climates. However, mesh linings have been criticised for allowing too much cool air to reach the foot in cold climates, and this may also be a criticism of the ZX Flux.

Just as with the Adidas ZX 8000 - the shoe that inspired the design of the ZX Flux - the ZX Flux features the TORSION® SYSTEM for arch support and midfoot integrity, and an EVA midsole for light weight cushioning. The rubber outsole is the same as the ZX 8000, and has deep grooves to grip most running surfaces. The most obvious design feature that the ZX Flux has borrowed from the ZX 8000 is the vintage 'ZX TPU' heel cage; the heel cage is not just a cosmetic addition, it provides stability for cross-country running surfaces.

The ZX Flux comes in a vast array of sports-tech silhouettes, such as: city silhouettes; floral silhouettes; star wars silhouettes; rainbow gradient print silhouettes; neon pack silhouettes; decon print silhouettes; and weave print silhouettes.